Saturday, February 2, 2019

16 Nail Salons, No Waiting

Where's the nail grooming capital of New Jersey?

Easy: along Broadway in Fair Lawn.

There are 16 nail salons in the 1.4 miles between Jenny's Nails at 34-14 Broadway in Fair Lawn and Magic Nails at 99 Broadway, just across the border in Elmwood Park.

I counted and photographed all of them Saturday morning. Because I must be insane.

That's 16 nail salons in the space of a drive that lasts (at the 35 mph speed limit) about 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or an average of one nail salon about every 460 feet.

Their names (in alphabetical order, with four including the word "Sexy"): Beauty Nails, Crystal Nails, Exotic Nails, Exotic Nails 2, Jenny's Nails and Art, Lisa Nails, Luxury Nails, Magic Nails, Perfection Nails & Spa, Pink Nail Studio Too, Sexy Nails, Sexy Nails II, Sexy Nails III, Sexy Nails Spa, Suki Nails and Supreme Nails. Here's a Google Photos Album with full-sized photos.

The Fair Lawn Broadway area, which has its own website, is a 2-mile commercial thoroughfare (also known as NJ Route 4), which runs in an east/west direction through Fair Lawn to the east and Elmwood Park to the west.

It's home to some of the most well-manicured people in America.

And it's just another quirky reason I love New Jersey.

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