Friday, March 19, 2021

Storytelling in 6 Words, with Images

A chance tweet caught my eye today: poet Ty Gardner was promoting his latest work, "A Thousand Little Things," which contains 1,000 monostich (or "one line") poems.

This is not unlike the popular "six word stories" that have always intrigued me.

As I post images on Instagram lately, I find that less is more when writing captions, and I have even been playing with using haikus as captions to accompany images of New York City.

But tonight, inspired by Mr. Gardner, I thought I would try something new: post seven images, with six word captions that tell their story.

Why seven? Because seven times six equals 42. And 42, according to the writer Douglas Adams, is "the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything."

Here goes.

Unfinished crossword puzzle

Unfinished by Dad, before he died.

Empty museum room

I stood alone, surrounded by history.

View of NYC from a plane

Returning March 2020, never to leave.

51 luminarias on the steps of a town building

Remembering our town's 51 Covid deaths.

View of First Avenue, NYC, at night

First Avenue promised infinite possibilities ahead.

Overhead view of people walking the floor of the Oculus

We traveled in threes, for protection.

Woman viewing hollow wooden statue

Art is shallow; love is whole.

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