Friday, January 21, 2022

Using 6 Words (and an Image) to Tell a Story

Sunset, facing East, reflecting off Queens.

I'm fascinated by six-word stories. (I consider hyphenated modifiers two words.) 

Entire website ecosystems promote the practice.

There's a masterclass for hopeful practitioners.

Then there's me and my photos. Following are twelve six-word captions. There's more at #6wordcaption on Instagram.

Reflecting on First Avenue's infinite possibilities.

Returning home in March 2020, forever.

I stood alone, surrounded by history.

Gazing at Bethlehem's Star over Teaneck.


Suspended between NYC and New Jersey.

We all used to be puppies.


Mom, waiting for me to return.

I will never understand my cat.


Morning drama at the East Balcony.

Found a waterfall on 51st Street.


Pedal swans waiting for tonight's storm.

My grandfather's workshop, which never ages.


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